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grow in camp with us

At Pazific Ranch, we believe that growing up should be an extraordinary journey, filled with unforgettable experiences, learning, and boundless fun. Our summer camp, "Growing Up in Camp," is designed to create the perfect blend of adventure, education, and excitement for kids and families.


"Where Adventure Meets Education"

What we offer 

"Growing Up in Camp" is more than a summer camp; it's a unique opportunity to nurture curiosity, develop skills, and create memories that will shape the future. Join us for a summer like no other, where adventure and learning go hand in hand. Get ready to grow, explore, and make cherished memories with Pazific Ranch.

Dive into the world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through our engaging STEM activities. With hands-on experiments, our campers explore the marvels of STEM in an interactive and enjoyable way.

STEAM Activities

For the sports enthusiasts, our camp offers a wide array of sports and recreational activities. Whether it's soccer, basketball, or team games, we're here to keep everyone active and having a blast.

Sports & Recreation

Unleash your inner artist and let your creativity soar in our arts programs. Discover painting, crafts, and performance arts as you express yourself and create masterpieces under the guidance of our talented instructors.

Arts & Creativity

Experience the thrill of outdoor adventures through fishing and camping. Learn the basics of angling, spend nights under the stars, and make memories around the campfire that will last a lifetime.

Fishing & Camping

Pazific Ranch is nestled by a tranquil pond, and we make the most of it! Enjoy boat rides, canoeing, and water-based fun that will have everyone making a splash and staying cool.

Boats & Water Activities

Our campers face exciting challenges and engage in team-building activities that nurture critical skills like problem-solving, communication, and leadership.

Challenges & Team-Building

At Pazific Ranch, we recognize the importance of family bonds. Our camp isn't just for kids; it's a place for families to grow together, connecting through shared experiences and adventures.

Family Involvement

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